We have a legal empty lot adjacent behind our parking.
We want to construct a two story housing structure on it.
See approved drawing below for details.

First floor will have seven senior homes, living room, dining room, exercise rooms
as well as an elevator to Masjid parking.

Second floor will have a unit for Imam's residence,
a guest house as well as an office.

We are seeking donations and skilled contributions for this purpose.

If 300 families pledge to donate $100/month, $1200/year or $3600/one time,
We can complete the project within 3-5 years, In sha Allah

Income from these homes will generate Masjid expenses all year round, In sha Allah

Two Story Housing For Imam and Seniors
See Approved Drawing

If donating for Home Project,
Mention "Home Project" on Check or Paypal

Jazak-Allahu-Khairan for your pledge and donation