Welcome to the Muslim Community Services Inc.
La Mirada, CA (mcsi)

A non-profit organization established since April, 2001.
(Member of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California)

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Prayer times

05:30 am
06:45 am
01:20 pm
3:30 pm
3 mins after Sunset
8:00 pm
01:15 pm
Prayer Schedule
Los Angeles, CA

Ramazan Schedule


Hajj Fact Sheet
U.S. Department of State
Open Mosque Day
Every Year


Program starts just after Magrib Salaat and concludes with Isha and dinner(potluck).

Speakers: To be announce (TBA)

	 Halal Turkey Curry, 
	 Perfect Roasted turkey & Gravy, 
	 Brined and deep fried version Mashed potatoes with some green beans, 
	 Variety of pies and ice cream for dessert!

Come pray and enjoy your thanksgiving week with some delicious dinner, dessert and more
All Brothers & Sisters and the Community at large are encourage to attend

MCSI is managing the masjid located in the city of La Mirada, California. This masjid
provides the essential Islamic services to the muslim community of La Mirada as well as
the surrounding cities.

At the La Mirada masjid we have all of the Muslim prayers and activates for our community,
which includes:

    - Our daily five time prayers.
    - Childern Quran learning lessons.
    - Islamic festivities durring eid and ramazan.
    - Distribution of Islamic books and publications.
    - Poor-due information.
    - Merriage ceremonies and burial services.

Besides our faith-based activities we also have other community based activies
such as free health clinics, math and English classes which are open to anyone.

Our goal here at the La Mirada Masjid is to rennovate and payoff the property
that is currently in use by the masjid. To have a permanent masjid and Islamic center for the
La Mirada community. We are seeking donations and contributions for this purpose...

Please visit our Projects page to read more on this and its benefits to the muslim community
of La Mirada.

Buy a Musalla for your lost loved ones
See the cost of a musalla

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