Welcome to the Muslim Community Service Inc. (MCSI)
14225 Imperial Hwy, La Mirada CA 90638

A non-profit organization established since April, 2001.
(Member of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California)

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Prayer times

05:15 am
1:20 pm
5:00 pm
Sunset + 3 min
9:15 pm
01:15 pm
Prayer Schedule
La Mirada, CA

Please follow the guidelines and restrictions put in place for daily and Jumma prayers indoors. Please stay safe by practicing COVID-19 safety measures always while attending masjid.

Continue to donate weekly or monthly to cover mosque's monthly expenses. Also Donate your Zakat and Fitra as soon as possible. Donate
--via Paypal on this site (Donate Button above),
--mail in check (MCSI 14225 Imperial Hwy, La Mirada CA 90638) or
--via Zelle (use 562 500 2042 for MCSI) or
--put cash/check in donation boxes in mosque during Fajr or Isha prayer times.

Weekend Quran classes for children by sister Najma and Imam Yahya.
Please contact us if you want to join or enroll.
Jazak Allahu Khairan

-- The La Mirada Masjid Administration

MCSI is managing the masjid located in the city of La Mirada, California. This masjid
provides the essential Islamic services to the muslim community of La Mirada as well as
the surrounding cities.

At the La Mirada masjid we have all of the Muslim prayers and activities for our community,
which include:

    - Our daily five time prayers (Salaat).
    - Children Quran learning lessons.
    - Islamic festivities during Eid and Ramadan.
    - Distribution of islamic books and publications.
    - Zakat (poor-due) information and distribution.
    - Marriage ceremonies and Burial services.

Besides our faith-based activities we also have other community based activities
such as free math and english classes which are open to anyone.

Our next goal at the La Mirada Masjid includes construction of two housing quarters
at the rear. We are seeking donations and contributions for this purpose...

Please visit our Projects page to read more on this and its benefits to the muslim community
of La Mirada.

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